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Matthew Shepard Act NOW.

The Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act is coming to a vote on the Senate floor this week and your support is needed to make sure that it passes. We urge you to make two phone calls, one to each senator that should take no longer that 45 seconds each.

There are reports of 300,000 letters and calls from right-wing groups trying to stop it. Anti-LGBT leaders like Focus on the Family’s James Dobson are referring to the bill as the “Pedophile Protection Act,” and calling it “utter evil.”

If you’ve never called Congress, it’s incredibly easy:

1. Call both of your senators and tell them to vote YES on the hate crimes bill. Call the switchboard at 202-224-3121 or use the following link to find your senator’s contact information: http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm

2. Most likely, one of your senator’s interns will answer and ask where you’re calling from and why. Inform the intern you’re calling to urge the Senator to vote for the Matthew Shepard Act (S. 909). Most calls-end right there. But if you like, you can add:

* Hate crimes against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are on the rise.
* One out of every six hate crimes is because of the victim’s sexual orientation.
* Hate crimes have more than one victim. They are intended to create an atmosphere of fear and terrorize entire communities.

3. Hang up and call your other state senator

Thank you!!!!! PLEASE DO YOUR PART!

Just Some Random Thoughts.

* This week’s Supreme Court case has just gone to show how little faith I have in the system at this point in my life. I was raised with proud Democrats, and who did fully believe in the system- just not George W. Bush. It’s just so sad to see a court, who represents us as a whole, deny “criminals” rights like this. It’s absolutely vile and it’s absolute crap. Read the NY Times Article Here

*This week are the A’s vs. Giants games. Last night they won 5-1. So I’m hoping for a sweep baby!

* Sunburns fucking suck.

*The current protests in Iran are fucking changing my life. Wow.


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It's nice when we train our 13 year olds to do this.


God seems scary.




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Every roach is a resident

I really feel taken advantage of these days. I feel like I’m always expected to be the strong one. I’ve always given the image that I’m a happy, cookie cutter image…Everything is fine, nothing is ever wrong. And maybe that’s a problem of mine. Maybe I’m not real enough with other people.

Meet In The Middle For Discrimination.

On May 30, many people met in the middle of California; Fresno more specifically to discuss the future of same-sex marriages and equal rights here in California after Prop 8 was upheld by the Supreme Court. It was to be a time of solidarity, celebration, and also protest. Unfortunately, at the same time here at the meeting- a young lesbian woman fell into a seizure..Here is the article written by the Associated Press below, with a current update. (Published 6/15/09)

FRESNO, Calif. — Civil rights groups are urging a hospital in central California to change its policies after employees briefly barred a lesbian from visiting her partner, who went into seizure at a gay marriage march.

Kristin Orbin collapsed May 30 after walking 14 miles in the protest march. She was taken to Fresno’s Community Regional Medical Center, where she says an ambulance driver kept her partner from seeing her in the emergency room.

Teresa Rowe says hospital employees also ignored her requests to talk to a doctor about Orbin’s care.

Lawyers with the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Center for Lesbian Rights on Monday urged the hospital to change its policies.

The nonprofit system that runs the hospital says Orbin received good care and the hospital followed proper procedures.
got the article here

This is why we need to have equal rights for partners. Both heterosexual and homosexual. To deny someone the right to see their partner while in the hospital is despicable. I read the statement from the Fresno hospital and think “who the FUCK cares what kind of care she got?” This isn’t about the care she received, this is about that you did not let her partner COME INTO THE ROOM WITH HER. She could not see her! This angers me to no end. To deny someone the company and comfort that they so wish, is not PROPER procedure.

When I entered the ER, I was able to bring my boyfriend in at the time with me. I was 19 at the time, he 24. We weren’t living together. We hadn’t been dating that long. But he was able to come into the hospital room with me, and when I read this story- it makes me so upset to think I had taken advantage of “heterosexual privilege,” and was fully unaware of it.

I’m not heterosexual though. I’m a proud queer woman. Or bisexual, for those who really want to get technical. And I have been privileged and comforted by the system and have not faced this sort of discrimination before. IT MAKES ME SICK TO THINK THAT THIS HAPPENS. I know that it does, and it’s not necessarily denial that I’m stricken with. It’s the idea that even with things like “domestic partnerships” *and California’s ideologies for the most part- are more progressive.

But it’s that so many people came to Fresno to meet up for equality- and ironically enough, this Fresno hospital is now faced with DISCRIMINATION charges.

*(IF you throw the words “domestic partnerships” in my face, that’s bullshit. They are NOT equal. )

Wow, just wow.