keep it tight, keep it right.

Yesterday I went to the Castro Street Festival, and it was quite the adventure. Two friends and I traveled about into SugarVille or SugarLand or something involving sweet or sugar and land masses. Whatever. So wandering about we go to this booth, in which a very nice man/woman in a sparkling blue dress that only Vanna White could ever dream of, said to us

“Girls, I have all of your lesbian fantasies right here”

Pretty much at this point we’re looking around wondering what the fuck to do.

“If you put this sticker anywhere, it will magically make your pussy tighter. Because everyone wants a tight pussy. I mean I want a tight one. You don’t want to let it get big like a garage door just open to everyone.”

“Um, okay,” we all said.

She/He’s now holding my hand, stroking it and calling me sweetheart.

“Okay so make your pussies tighter, okay sweetheart. Keep it tight, keep it right!

And then she spanked me.


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