Top 5 Greatest/Worst Ideas I’ve Had

5) It’s okay to drop a huge rock into your fish’s gorgeous, large fish bowl and think it won’t break. Because it will.

4) When going 15 mph on a golf cart, it’s perfectly fine to jump off and think you’ll land on your feet. Because you won’t.

3) When doing a project about the colonial era and lifestyle in 8th grade, it’s a pretty smart/great idea to be a play a drunk talk show host and drink actual alcohol in the project, but lie and say it’s Pepsi. Go me.

2) It’s perfectly fine to not wear sunscreen when sunbathing at the Adriatic Sea. Because I don’t tan, so I don’t need sunscreen right?

1) Moving here to San Francisco. And when I say that, there have been both wonderful and terrible experiences since moving here. There was the sentimental part to this blog.

Moving on.


Here are some pugs in a basket.


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