The 6 + Beer + Homeless Men + Me

= One night of fun

So there I was on the 6, sitting next to a man wearing an interesting shaped septum ring, and there was this man drinking his openly displayed can of Steel Reserve (Oh you know this story is getting good) and he’s sitting in the back row and apparently knows everyone on the bus, because every time someone walked to the back, he greeted us.

“Are you good?! Or are you bad!?”

“How you doin, just slangin’?

“YO MAN, HAVENT SEE YOU SINCE DA FIRST” (He actually knew that guy, they did some sort of strange handshake).

So, he gets up from his seat, and moves closer to the back door (which I am sitting next to, reading Ron Paul, don’t judge me) And looks over at me, actually bends over to look me in face and winks.

Here we go…

He stands back up straight, and starts singing. “Oh what a beautiful lady, oh what a beautiful girl” to some made up drunken tune, and he shouts

Hey I’m like Barry White!”

And then jumped out the door at the next step.

And then the guy sitting next to me asked, “Was he singing to you”

“Yep, and this isn’t the first time that this has happened on the 6”


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