40 Years Later.

LOS ANGELES, United States (AFP) – Forty years after two cowboys filmed an unidentified creature ambling through a California forest, hunters of “Bigfoot” say the grainy footage remains the cornerstone of their belief in the legendary ape-like beast’s existence.

The subject of numerous hoax theories and investigations, Roger Patterson and Tom Gimlin’s film, shot at Willow Creek in the expanse of the Six Rivers National Forest on October 20, 1967, has been debunked, derided and dismissed.

But so far it has never been successfully duplicated, and it is that fact, that Bigfoot devotees say is crucial

Daniel Perez, the editor of the BigfootTimes.net website and an avowed follower of the beast known as Sasquatch, describes the Patterson-Gimlin footage as the missing piece of the Bigfoot puzzle.

“This is the cornerstone of the entire case for Bigfoot,” Perez told AFP. “People say ‘It’s just a guy in a suit’. Well I beg to differ. If it’s a man in a costume, why can’t anyone duplicate the film?”

Perez, who will address a conference of Bigfoot believers at Willow Creek on Saturday to mark the film’s 40th anniversary, claims that enhancements of the original, jerky footage show the creature’s muscles expanding, rippling and contracting from one frame to the next.

“You can’t do that with a costume,” Perez says. “A costume conceals rather than reveals.”

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