So tonight, or well yesterday, I went to the CCA Industrial Design party for the convention that was going on this past week, which was held here in Potrero Hill which was an interesting bus ride in and of itself. Sitting there on this dirty bus that reeked of urine and Cheetos with a man who talked to me at the bus stop about the weather, and then went to go hit on some women because “they were his kind.” And then sat across the aisle from me on the bus, and talked about the weather and how the bus driver was a jackass, when I thought he was a very nice man because he helped me get to where I was going when I had no effing clue. Yeah, thanks boyfriend. But then I got off and walked a few blocks in the industrial part of San Fransisco sans pepper spray. Go me. So I finally get there and the appetizers/meals were from two different taco trucks, but alas, I’m not a big meat fan, so I didn’t have any but watch the boytoy eat some, so Go me. Went inside to the main entrance, it was freaking huge, filled with a sculpture of a man entirely made out of plastic milk crates and then a giant screen with weird designs/shapes/patterns that would only compete with the Microsoft default screen savers. There were around a thousand people at this party, all drinking bear on tap in big plastic ice chests that were reminiscent to my childhood softball career (or lack there of) listening excellent music like Peter Bjorn and John and Daft Punk. Went around meeting the boy’s friends and some who were more interesting than others like, a former band member of At the Drive-In. So after exploring the main building a little bit going around and meeting people, there was this marching band playing in the middle of the hall. As we got up closer, it was obvious to see that it was not your average marching band. This is an alternative band here in SF called Extra Action which has this cabaret vibe to the traditional band style only with a “colour guard” wearing Marilyn-Monroe-After-Sex-Wigs and little clothing and doing sexy dances. Along with a transvestite. And a friend of the boy, a big designer here in SF, said that this was them toned down, but it was pretty amazing. The dancers were doing dances along to this crazy loud marching music, doing dances that I’ve only seen on MTV on Usher and 50 Cent music videos. The drummers reminded of the classic movie gypsies with the big mustaches, the laced up shirts, and the handlebar mustaches. It was just so strange amidst this culture focused, innovative group. Also considering I had been drinking on a slightly empty stomach.


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