These days

So I’ve had a few long days, weeks, months recently. And I’m learning how to put my foot down when I feel like I’m being screwed over; but alas, there are some people I avoid doing that to, like the boy’s mother and grandmother when they verbally attack me all night when they take us out to dinner to a buffet of bar food. Yuck. But that’s an entirely different story not even worth repeating considering I was very offended by the entire night/situation. These days I don’t sleep much. I’m too tired to think. To read. To do anything worthwhile. We had a date planned for tonight to go out to West Portal, get dinner, see a movie, and well, I’m just too emotionally and physically tired. Fuck this.

But last night as the boy and I were in a cab on our way back home because I was just too pissed off and wanted to go home, we saw two homeless men fighting by the Orpheum Theatre. One w had both legs amputated up close to the hips and also happened to be a midget with crazy dreadlocks and the other was a guy carrying two big bags of recyclables and they were trying to hit each other, yelling at each other drunkenly considering they had two forties next to them. Honestly, the best part of about this was hearing the man in the wheelchair say

“Man I’ll kill you so fast. I’ll shoot you. I’ma kill you”

I know, I’m a bad person.


One response to “These days

  1. i saw a homeless man with a giant stick/cane hitting another homesless man and swearing at him. then a third homeless man stepped in the defend the cane-less one with a frying pan. my friend asked, “what could those men even have to fight over?” and i said, “territory….or crack.”

    i’m a horrible person, i know.

    what happened at this dinner? you must tell me…over a time with cecila, perhaps?? soon.

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