And the beat goes on.

Ugh. Let me explain the past two weeks for me…

1) My bank account had fraudulent charges made on it.

2) I got the biggest cold of my life, which is now turning into some sort of infection. And my neck is all swollen.

3) My boyfriend tried to break up with me in front of the BART station as I was going home for 24 hours to spend the day with my mom.

4) I got bruised all over my hips and other areas from some bitch at the Tiger Army who felt by  thrusting her ass into my pelvis would somehow make all the crowds pushing me forward, go away. Dumb bitch.

5) I fell down the stairs and kinked my neck.

6) Boyfriend tried to break up again just because I was upset he didn’t call to make sure I was okay when I told him I fell down the stairs but just responded with a text “Are you okay?”

7) Had a nervous breakdown last night. Got really dizzy and feelings of euphoria. I think I saw how I die too. Weird night.

8) And now, he broke my power cord for my laptop, and of course, I have to order one online and wait a couple of days. Bullshit.

And that’s all folks.


3 responses to “And the beat goes on.

  1. we are getting together soon and talking about these current events because they really do worry me.

  2. aw, :[
    i hope everything gets better…<3

  3. i love you luren. i hope life looks up soon.

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