So much to do!

I have a lot of work to do. As always. But then again, I tend to procrastinate. So here I am smoking and trying to work on my homework, but writing a blog post instead. Go me.

Tonight I wil…:

1) Make a compiled bibliography. (I originally typed out “biography” but a compiled one would be too hard because I’m way too interesting, even for books)

2) Make a poster board, and glue Ron Paul’s face on it. (Did you know he once was an OB/GYN before he was a congressman?)

3) Study for my psychology test. (Yeah, I’m cramming).

4) Read for my psychology class (But I actually won’t do that, so consider this null and void).

5) Try to watch Triplets of Belleville. (I love Netflix).

6) Research music for my music class (Yuck my teacher has a forest in his beard).

7) Get some sleep. (Not so much).

8) Think about my sinus infection (I won’t bother going into this).

9) Eat Pizza Rolls (because that’s the way we eat here).

10) Look at cute animals online (don’t judge me).


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