Newest Discovery.

It’s Rutube. And if you have not discovered Rutube, you should.

What is Rutube, you may ask yourself…

It’s a Russian spin off on Youtube, that’s what.

And I think I may have found the best thing to watch, yet.

Sorry, I can’t read Russian- so I hope this link works.
Watch me


2 responses to “Newest Discovery.

  1. Just if you are interested. Quite a scary video, they play around with the numbers of the last 8 years( like gdp and so on) multiply them, minus or plus, practising their mathematics, and other things and get 666 every time. you don’t really have to speak russian to understand what they mean. For me it looks sick, and that, such people as those who put this video on, scares me. It’s kind of unpleasant to know I might be standing next to them in public transport. .. so sick

  2. hey thanks for posting my reply, seems like not all the people are doing that:)
    returning to the topic- i found out it was the video before election made by opposition, the union of right wing forces. now do you have any questions about why people didn’t vote for them? It’s sick.

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