Best Way to Protect Your Baby Jesus.

LOS ANGELES — A thief left notes this week in place of baby Jesus statues swiped from Nativity scenes in the yards of at least 12 Santa Clarita residences
In the statues’ place, the thieves left a note: “Do not worry for baby Jesus is not gone, yet he is just not born, yet. You can find your dear Jesus at OLPH on his birthday.””OLPH” stands for Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church, located near the residences.”We found 12 different sizes and types of baby Jesuses,” said Msgr. Paul Montoya. “I’m not too sure if it’s a young person’s prank. We’re not sure why they would do this.”Montoya said the statues appeared overnight at the foot of a Virgin Mary statue in the church grotto.Church officials called the sheriff’s department to report the thefts.Combs said she is pleased to have found her Jesus statue.
“I think I’ll nail it down,” Combs said.


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