Reverse Oreos.

This afternoon, CNN “Open House” host Gerri Willis came by CNN Newsroom to discuss the economy. Willis joked with anchor Kyra Phillips that if she could predict the stock market, she and Phillips could run off to an island, prompting Phillips’ co-anchor, Don Lemon, to ask not to be left out of the girls’ getaway. This resulted in the following exchange:

Gerri: Alright Don, you come too.
Kyra: We could bring him along with the girls.
Gerri: Come on!
Kyra: He’s paying! Thanks, Gerri.
Don: A little sandwich!
Kyra: Ooh!
Gerri: Whoa, I have to go now!
Kyra: Yeah, good time. You don’t want to talk about the reverse oreo!

Willis was visibly embarrassed by Phillips’ joke, though Lemon seemed to enjoy it, laughing out loud and announcing, “Oh, she said it! I’m glad she said it.”

Thanks Huffington Post


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