Milk and Twinkies Anyone?

Last night I went to the filming of the White Night March for the new Harvey Milk film. I first started the evening off right by smoking a cigarette before arriving at Joshua’s place to watch footage of the White Night Riots and to then appropriately eat twinkies in relation to the notorious Twinkie Defense.


group of friends

We all arrived with our 70’s-esque clothing. Here’s myself, Joshua, Ray, and Jacob.


Joshua and I went through out the crowd trying to give away twinkies, only a few were willing to take them. So I had three, and I was licensed to kill (and get away with it).

It seemed like there were a 1000 people there which was incredible

friend, leather

I found Joshua! (In relation to the Lunar New Year post).

switch, protest march

Oh, and I carried a sign when we reenacted other protests/marches.

switch, lgbt

And this is why I picked the sign 😉


One response to “Milk and Twinkies Anyone?

  1. You’s a switch! OMG Joshua look cute in those pictures. i wish i had gone. But i was making out with some random girl at the transfer around that time.

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