Another Example of My Obsession

JAKARTA (AFP) – An Indonesian woman accused of bribing a prosecutor handed out boxes of doughnuts at her trial Friday, reports said.

Artalyta Suryani is accused of giving a 660,000-dollar bribe to the leading prosecutor to get him to drop an investigation into a banking tycoon wanted for alleged embezzlement of billions of dollars.

Reports from the gallery indicated that after judges rejected her initial defence and ordered witnesses to be called, Suryani tried to show her sweet side.

Local news websites Detikcom and reported that the businesswoman offered boxes of doughnuts and mineral water to everyone in the courtroom.

It is not the first time she has presented gifts to the court. At an earlier hearing she handed out imported chocolates and roses.

Suryani is charged with bribing prosecutor Urip Tri Gunawan who was arrested with 660,000 dollars in cash as he left the home of banker Syamsul Nursalim, one of Indonesia‘s richest men, in early March.

The prosecutor’s arrest came only days after the attorney general’s office decided to drop a 10-year investigation into suspicions Nursalim embezzled some 3.4 billion dollars in state money used to bail out his bank in 1998.

Suryani says she was lending the prosecutor the money to start a business.

A court earlier this month ordered the Nursalim probe to be reopened.


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