Pulling Out.

I don’t know if anyone saw the deal on ABC regarding sex researcher Rachel K. Jones who published a report on the “pull out method” and claiming that it was an effective form of birth control, and that it was “better than nothing.”
From ABC News…
“The act of withdrawal — the male pulling out before ejaculation — is a long controversial method of birth control, one many sex education classes have condemned as risky.
But Jones’ findings, based on several studies and data from the Guttmacher Institute , a nonprofit organization focused on sexual and reproductive health where she is a senior research associate, were just the opposite.
Her studies found that in perfect use — meaning the man pulls out every time — withdrawal has a 4 percent failure rate, as compared to condoms, which have a 2 percent failure rate.
“But nobody’s perfect,” said Jones, who published her commentary in the June issue of Contraception magazine.
In typical use, when used consistently and correctly, coitus interruptus and condoms have an 18 and 17 percent failure rate, respectively. ”
“Although withdrawal may not be as effective as some contraceptive methods, it is substantially more effective than nothing,” said the report. “It is also convenient, requires no prior planning and there is no cost involved.”

Even sex educators like Dr. Judy Kuriansky from Columbia University’s Teachers College said that “very little could be worse.”

“Teens will misuse the data and boys will use it as an excuse not to wear condoms,” she told ABCNews.com. “It is also not good for monogamous couples, especially those who are religious and against abortion, who may have more unplanned pregnancies.”

The whole story is here

I hope the world understands how ridiculous this claim is. But unfortunately this is not the case. It is common knowledge that sex education is lacking considerably in both public and private schools. And also more specifically in urban areas. For children who are taught just abstinence-based teachings and were to read this article would be considered naive but this is often the case. Teenagers are easily influenced, ignorant, and have feelings of invincibility. Jones also says that this method is free and affordable, and this will easily hurt groups of poverty and minorities who have statistically shown to have unprotected sex and using said method.

Unfortunately, Jones has fit in to a recent pattern of social movements and beliefs- two steps back, and barely a step forward.


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