Like Anyone Would Wanna “R” Her

Oye. I hear you, but not for much longer for I’m going deaf in one ear, so I will only be able to half-hear you.

I’m nineteen, medicated, self-medicated tranquilly enjoying my life as it has been renewed through this newfound independence in which I can just enjoy life moment to moment. I’m much more at peace with myself now.

I’m watching a lot of tv, not reading nearly as much, drinking cheap alcohol night to night in beautiful outfits in which only few appreciate; those people being my wonderful friends. Yes, quality over quantity. Memories are created by photographs- which is a hobby I suppose. And taking photographs of rotten food- which seems to happen quite often. Don’t judge me.

I’d rather be in Assisi right now, where I remember the weather being just perfect, and the cobblestone streets with religious stores along the way selling amazing prayer cards, rosaries, crosses and medieval weaponry. Which adds to my religious iconography collection just perfectly. It’s just gorgeous. But I love my home, San Francisco, perhaps just as much but maybe a little less- it goes back and forth.

I was in a serious relationshit but have gotten rid of the situation..well not so quite. He still lives here. Sigh.

I enjoy freedom quite a bit.

I’m getting a tattoo at the end of this summer. Sparrows. I’m not stereotypical. I have my reasons.

I was born with 12 fingers, crazy hips, and the love for small dogs. I’m also a devout Pastafarian and try to have communion 2+ times a week. I get my fair share of carbs.

I like good music, good movies, all of which are by my judgment and I’m far too lazy and drugged to type out the reasons.

I happen to like my life quite a bit.

Even if I have to take public transportation to get anywhere, and happen to risk my life from time to time.

Edit: This was written over a year ago now. I want to do an about me page. I did this at a time in my life, where I was hurting, struggling, and transitioning on with my life. I’m now 20. A little bit older, a lot more wiser, stronger, anr and no longer drinking vast amounts of cheap liquor and railing lines of clonazepam.


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