Answering Questions.

I decided to change my blog name once and for all. Because when I first started this blog, I wanted an archive on my life- preferably my encounters with everyday people and my experiences. Which has been ultimately satisfying I do have to say. But it always leaves me asking questions about the things occurring around me* and how we all interact with one another. We’re entangled I do have to say**. Because I am left curious about my experiences I feel the need to answer these questions of mine, or at least try to make sense of them.

*Also includes the disappearance of Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

**This includes my deep love for pugs and dogs in costumes.


4 responses to “Answering Questions.


  2. that was in like 2000-01 what about now , well people like to live there own lifes . i wonder if hes a virgin . he probly doent want to come out because of rumors of him being gay . by the way hes not gay .

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  4. Interesting that you think Jonathan and Tim Allen are washed up. All you have to your credit is this worthless page. The Santa Clause was nominated for 7 awards and won 2 of them. At the box office alone the Santa Clause 2 more than doubled its cost. It would seem that pathetic worthless people like yourself cannot achieve anything of real value so you have to attack those that have. Jonathan acheived more by the time he was 10 than you will in a life time, how sad and pathetic is that? Maybe you should end your life now and maybe someone might notice.

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