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Psh, if I tell it, it is a good story.

Just Some Random Thoughts.

* This week’s Supreme Court case has just gone to show how little faith I have in the system at this point in my life. I was raised with proud Democrats, and who did fully believe in the system- just not George W. Bush. It’s just so sad to see a court, who represents us as a whole, deny “criminals” rights like this. It’s absolutely vile and it’s absolute crap. Read the NY Times Article Here

*This week are the A’s vs. Giants games. Last night they won 5-1. So I’m hoping for a sweep baby!

* Sunburns fucking suck.

*The current protests in Iran are fucking changing my life. Wow.



protest 019

protest 007

It's nice when we train our 13 year olds to do this.


God seems scary.




se7en 023


Wow, just wow.


Stop The Cuts.

Yesterday I went to the rallies both here in San Francisco and Sacramento regarding the budget cuts that Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to create that would get rid of the Office of AIDS (a section of Public Health).

*The Governor has proposed a cut of $80 million to the State Office of AIDS (In addition to MediCal, In Home Supportive Services, and Social Security Income).
*Also has proposed removing all non-ADAP general funds from the State Office of AIDS. Although this would jeopardize funding from the federal government, like the Ryan White Fund and CDC funding.
*35,000 Californians currently rely on California’s AIDS Drug Assistance Program, and Arnold has suggested a $12.3 million cut to said program.
*This cut would hurt and destroy programs like Early Intervention Programs, where persons will find out their status at a much earlier stage and rather than in an emergency room, paid by both public and private health systems.
*This eliminates The Needle Exchange Program, Education and Prevention programs, and services where testing and condoms can be given freely.
*This cut is far more costly in the long term rather than a short term cut.
*This cut also dismantles California’s actions and response to the AIDS epidemic more than 25 years ago.

It’s estimated that over 150,000 people in California currently are living with HIV. We see an estimation of 5000-7000 new HIV diagnoses each year. It is also estimated that 20% of people are currently living with HIV but do not know their status.

Women from Oakland

Sheryl Lee Ralph

Can you hear us Arnold?

Thai Transgender Power

A friend posted this video on her twitter feed (find me on twitter!) and I was really inspired by this young woman, Crystal who unintentionally became the face for transgender rights in Thailand…

It just baffles my brain how really most western cultures are so negative towards transgender identity as a valid thing. And that people are born everyday who will grow up, or as a child, will come to realize and transition at one point in their lives. We see so many cultures that have been supportive, but just in understanding that its valid, and its completely accepted…
The fa’afafine
The Mahu
The Muxe
Indian Two-Spirit

Solar Powered.

Yes, that’s right ladies. It IS a solar powered vibrator brought to you by the good people at Libida!

The Solar Sensation vibrator will charge in sunlight (5hrs) and artificial light (100w bulb 24hrs). It has three speeds and it will run 2.5 hours on a full charge (if you should last that long

see it here!

Food, Inc.

I’m going to see a sneak preview/screening of this film tonight- and I’m very much looking forward to it! Just thought I’d share 🙂